PADL( ) | PADR( ) | PADC( ) Functions

Returns a string from an expression, padded with spaces or characters to a specified length on the left or right sides, or both.

PADL(eExpression, nResultSize [, cPadCharacter])
PADR(eExpression, nResultSize [, cPadCharacter])
PADC(eExpression, nResultSize [, cPadCharacter])



Specifies the expression to be padded. This expression can be any expression type except a logical expression or a general or picture field.


Specifies the total number of characters in the expression after it is padded.


Specifies the value to use for padding. This value is repeated as necessary to pad the expression to the specified number of characters.

If you omit cPadCharacter, spaces (ASCII character 32) are used for padding.

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