@ ... PROMPT Command

Included for backward compatibility. Use the Menu and Shortcut Designers and CREATE MENU Command instead.

This command is undocumented in the original VFP9 help file,
but the following documentation was found in the FoxPro for Windows 2.6 help, and may still be valid:

Creates a menu bar.

@ row, column PROMPT expC1
	[MESSAGE expC2]


row, column
 The row, column coordinates specify where the menu bar pads are placed. If row is the same for each @ ... PROMPT, a horizontal menu bar is created. If column is the same for each @ ...PROMPT command, a vertical menu bar is created.

 The character expression expC1 is the prompt that appears in the menu bar pad.

 The character expression expC2 appears when the menu bar is activated with MENU TO.

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