DataEnvironment Builder

The DataEnvironment Builder makes it possible for you to build DataEnvironment objects that use the capabilities of CursorAdapter objects. You can open the DataEnvironment Builder in the Form Designer or Class Designer.

To open the DataEnvironment Builder
  1. Create a new form or open an existing form.

  2. In the Form Designer, right-click the form, and click DataEnvironment.

    For a form with an empty DataEnvironment object, the Open dialog box appears.

  3. In the Open dialog box, click Cancel.

  4. Right-click the Data Environment surface, and click Builder.

You can now use the builder to create DataEnvironment objects.

You can also open the DataEnvironment Builder by right-clicking a new or existing DataEnvironment class in the Class Designer and selecting Builder.

Builder Tabs

Data Source Tab, DataEnvironment Builder

Specifies the data source type and data source for the DataEnvironment object.

Cursors Tab, DataEnvironment Builder

Adds, creates, or removes CursorAdapter objects from the DataEnvironment object. You can also open the CursorAdapter Builder to edit existing CursorAdapter objects.

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