Add Property Dialog Box (Report Builder)

Allows you to create a property for a report or a report control and then specify the type and value of the property.

This dialog box appears when you click the Add button in the Advanced tab of the Report Control Properties dialog box or click the Add button in the Document Properties tab of the Report Properties dialog box.


Specifies whether the property is an expression, text/xml, a string, a file, or a Boolean yes or no value.

Property Name

Specifies the name of the property that is included in your XML or HTML output.


Specifies the value associated with the property. The Value box behavior varies depending on the Type of the property.

Type Value Behavior


The button beside the Value box opens the Expression Builder.


The Value box is disabled, but the button beside the Value box opens a text editing window.


The button beside the Value box opens a window for you to enter a string value.


The button beside the Value box opens the Open dialog box for you to select a file. When you select a file, the path is displayed in the Value box.

Yes or No

Value displays a radio button control for you to choose Yes or No.

Property types

Property Description


A Visual FoxPro expression or user-defined function that is evaluated at run-time.


Text that can include well-formed XML content.


A character string. There is no need to put quotation marks around the value.


The path to a file.

Yes or No

A Boolean value: yes or no.

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