Beautify Options Dialog Box

Makes it possible for you to specify capitalization and indentation styles for program code appearing in an editing window. When a program file is open in the editing window, selecting the Beautify command from the Tools menu opens the Beautify Options dialog box.



Provides ways to format keywords: UPPERCASE, lowercase, Mixed Case, or No change


Provides ways to represent symbols: UPPERCASE, lowercase, Match with first occurrence, or No change.

Match with first occurrence only affects the symbols available within the current editing window.


Types of indent

Provides ways to indent text using Tabs, Spaces, or No Change.

When selecting Spaces, type or select the number of spaces used to indent the text.

Text to indent

Makes it possible for you to specify what types of text should be indented.

Comment   Indents all text lines beginning with the comment identifier (*).

Continuation lines   Indents lines following the semicolon (;), which indicates the first line continuation mark. The indentation for Continuation lines continues at the same level until a new command line is entered.

Extra indent beneath

Provides extra indentation for the lines following the beginning of procedures and DO CASE control structures.

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