Visual FoxPro XML Web Services Registration Dialog Box

Specifies information for registering an XML Web service so you can use it in your applications.

The Visual FoxPro XML Web Services Registration dialog box appears when you click Register an XML Web Service in the XML Web Services pane in the Task Pane Manager. You can also open the dialog box from the XML Web Service Builder and Select dialog box when you type the characters, ws, in a code editing window.

WSDL URL Location

Specifies the location of the WSDL file and is usually a URL. However, the location can also be a local directory if stored locally. This value must be a valid WSDL location and file; otherwise, Visual FoxPro generates the appropriate message when you attempt to register the XML Web service.

The box also includes the previously registered WSDL location reference. If you specify a WSDL file that contains multiple ports (classes), you are prompted to pick a specific port.

UDDI Search

Displays the UDDI Search dialog box so that you can search for an XML Web service registered in the Microsoft Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI) database. The UDDI Search dialog box contains the following options:

  • Enter name to search for in UDDI database    Specifies a name to search for and can be the name of a company, business, or a simple category, such as weather or stock.

  • Web Services    Displays the results of the UDDI search.

    The Results area displays details about the specified XML Web service. However, there might be times when the search returns a result that is not an XML Web service but a reference to a URL containing a link to an XML Web service. If this situation occurs, the Select button is not available; however, the description contains a link you can click for more information.

  • View Service Description (WSDL)   Contains a hyperlink to the WSDL for the XML Web Service.

  • Go to Microsoft UDDI Web Site    Contains a hyperlink to the Microsoft UDDI Web site.

  • Search    Performs the UDDI search for the specified expression.

    The time required for the search depends on the expression entered. If no matches are found, a message box displays to indicate this.

  • Select    Enters the selected XML Web service in the WSDL URL Location box in the Visual FoxPro XML Web Services Registration dialog box.


    If you need to perform a more complex search, visit the Microsoft UDDI Web site at

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