Class Browser Buttons

The following buttons are available in the Class Browser. For more information, see Class Browser Window and Operating the Class Browser.

Component Gallery

Switches between the Class Browser and the Component Gallery for managing foundation class items.


Opens an existing class library (.vcx) file, creates new class library and type library files, or opens an existing form/form set (.scx) file.

View Additional File

Adds an existing class library (.vcx) file or a form or form set (.scx) file to the class list, or creates a new class library file. To list the most recently opened files in the Class Browser, right-click the View Additional File button.

View Class Code

Displays the class definition code in a program (.prg) file for the selected class. The class opens as read-only, and you cannot save any changes you make to the class. However, you can save the code to another file.


Searches for specified text in class names, class descriptions, member names, and member descriptions.

New Class

Creates a subclass of the selected class or any existing class.


Changes the name of the selected class, property, or method.

Caution noteCaution

Renaming a class might invalidate forms or classes that are not currently displayed in Class Browser windows and that rely on the class. Changing the name of a property or method can cause code that references the property or method to fail.


Changes the parent class of the selected class.

Clean Up Class Library

Runs the PACK command to remove records in the .vcx file marked for deletion. For more information, see PACK Command.

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