The Toolbox displays items used in the creation of applications, the items are displayed in toolsets (collections of tools) by category. The toolsets can be common resources such as native Visual FoxPro classes that can be placed onto a workspace. Additionally, the Toolbox supports items that are builders or wizards, ActiveX controls or classes, COM+ controls or classes, and text scraps. Furthermore, the Toolbox can hold file-based resources such as tables, images, reports, labels, and forms.

The individual tool sets can be fully customized. In addition, users can add new tool sets containing their own selection of items.

You can open the Toolbox by clicking Toolbox on the Tools menu or by clicking the Toolbox button on the Visual FoxPro standard toolbar. You can then drag and drop items from the Toolbox to your workspace or click them to perform other actions.

In Visual FoxPro 9.0, you can dock the Toolbox by double-clicking the Toolbox title bar. Right-click the title bar to display a shortcut menu that lets you turn docking on or off, or hide the Toolbox.


A toolset for storing items that are used often. Items from other categories can be moved to this one for easy access.

Text Scraps

A toolset containing text scraps. New text scraps can be added by selecting text and dragging it onto this category.

VFP Base Classes

A toolset containing native Visual FoxPro classes.

VFP Foundation Classes

A toolset containing some of the most popular Visual FoxPro foundation classes.

My Base Classes

A toolset containing the FoxPro Foundation base classes from FFC\_BASE.VCX class library.

My XML Web Services

A tool set containing registered XML Web services.

My ActiveX Controls

A toolset containing registered ActiveX controls.

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