Watch Window

Makes it possible for you to display expressions and their current values, and set breakpoints on an expression. This window is activated when you choose Watch from the Window Menu, Debugger Window. Visual FoxPro enables IntelliSense in the Watch window but limits support to only List Members.

In Visual FoxPro 9.0, the Find and Find Again menu items are available to search for items in the Name column of the Watch window.


The value or expression you want to examine. Type expressions here to add them to the grid of active watch expressions below.


Displays the names of the current watch expressions.


Displays the values of the current watch expressions.


Displays characters that represent the data types of the current watch expressions.

You can select expressions, delete them, or add breakpoints to them.

To create a new watch expression
  • Select text in any Visual FoxPro window and drag it to the Watch window.

To edit a watch expression
  • Double-click the watch expression.

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