You can perform a variety of tasks to manage views, similar to those that you perform to manage tables, table fields, and table records, for example:

In This Section

Opening Views

Discusses opening views.

How to: Edit Views

Describes how to open views for editing and other management tasks.

How to: Rename Views (Visual FoxPro)

Describes how to change the names of views.

How to: Open Views in Work Areas

Describes how to open views in work areas.

Setting View and Connection Properties

Provides an overview about setting properties for views and connections for remote views.

How to: Set Field Properties for Views

Describes how to set various properties for fields in views.

How to: Add Comments to Views

Describes how to add descriptions for views.

How to: Create Default Values for View Fields

Describes how to specify default values for view fields.

How to: Create Validation Rules for Views

Describes how to create validation rules for view fields and records.

How to: Set Timeout Intervals for Connections

Describes how to set timeout values for the connection to the remote server if you need to adjust how Visual FoxPro interacts with the server.

How to: View and Edit SQL Statements for Views

Describes how to display and edit the SQL SELECT statement and properties generated for views.

How to: Create Views with Stored SQL Statements

Describes how to store the SQL SELECT statement that Visual FoxPro builds for views and use them to create views programmatically.

How to: Delete Views

Describes how to delete views when you are finished working with them.

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Displaying Data in Views

Describes different ways to display views.

Updating Data in Views

Describes how to update data in views and their base tables.

Working with Views (Visual FoxPro)

Explains how to use views to create a customized updateable data set for your application.