Sets additional options for a code reference search.

The Options dialog box appears when you click the Options button in the Look Up Reference dialog box or the Code References window. You can obtain descriptions of each option by clicking the option text.

Create symbol definition table during search

Specifies collecting code symbol definitions from processed files during a reference search. Otherwise, definitions are collected on demand when viewing code definitions. This option performs a full definition scan during a reference search and saves time when viewing code definitions. For more information, see How to: View Code Definitions.

Limit definition collection to project home directory and below

Specifies that a collection of code symbol definitions for a project include only those files that are in the project's home directory tree. This prevents including definitions from framework and other files that are not immediately relevant to the current project.

Search only source code and expressions

Specifies that searching is performed only on source code and expressions. Otherwise, values such as field names in tables, label values in reports, captions, and other text are included in the search.

Search form/class property names and values

Specifies that properties names and values of visual forms (.scx) and visual classes (.vcx) are included in a reference search.

Display number of references found per line in search results

Specifies that an indicator is displayed in the references window next to results that have more than one match per line.

Show history of file types searched

Specifies that a history of recently selected file types is displayed in the Look Up Reference window. Otherwise, only common file types and the most recent file type selected are displayed.

Show separate columns for class, method, and line

Specifies that the class, method, and line are displayed in separate columns rather than being concatenated into a single column in the results grid.

If the the class, method, and line are displayed in separate columns, you can sort the methods by right-clicking in the Methods column and choosing Sort by Method.

Backup Style

Specifies how files are named when backing them up during global code reference replacement.


Displays the Font dialog box, which you can use to change the font of the Code References window.

Folder for code references tables

Specifies and contains the location for core code reference tables. To select a different folder, click the ellipsis (...) button to display the Select Directory dialog box.

Clean Up Source Tables

Cleans up Visual FoxPro reference tables by looking for old and outdated records. Specifically, this option performs the following actions:

  • Removes all Inactive and Error records from the RefFile.dbf file except where UniqueID="WINDOW", which always remains.

  • Removes all records that reference files that do not exist on the disk from the RefFile.dbf file and any corresponding records in the RefDef.dbf file.

  • Removes all Inactive records from the RefDef.dbf file.

  • Performs a PACK operation on the RefFile.dbf and RefDef.dbf files.

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