Opens the Project Manager so you can modify or create a project file.



No parameters

Displays the Open dialog box.

[FileName | ?]

Specifies the file name for the project or displays the Open dialog box so you can open an existing project (.pjx) file or type the name of a new project to create.

If you do not specify an extension for the file name, Visual FoxPro automatically assigns a .pjx file name extension.


Continues program execution after the Project Manager is opened. The program doesn't wait for the Project Manager to be closed, but continues execution on the program line immediately following the line that contains MODIFY PROJECT NOWAIT. Omitting NOWAIT when MODIFY PROJECT is issued in a program opens the Project Manager and pauses program execution until the Project Manager closes.

NOWAIT is effective only from within a program. It has no effect on MODIFY PROJECT when issued from the Command window.


Leaves the Project Manager open after another window is activated. If you omit SAVE, the Project Manager is closed when another window is activated. Including SAVE has no effect when issued from the Command window.


Specifies that the Project Manager is hidden with its Visible property is set to False (.F.) when it opens.

To display the Project Manager, set the Project Manager's Visible property to true (.T.). NOSHOW makes it possible for you to manipulate a project before displaying it in the Project Manager.


To avoid confusion with the NOSHADOW, you cannot abbreviate NOSHOW to less than five characters.


Specifies not to create a ProjectHook object when the Project Manager opens. Include NOPROJECTHOOK for projects that will not be manipulated programmatically through the Project Manager hooks.


A Project object is still created whenever a project file (.pjx) is opened.

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