Creates a multithreaded Windows dynamic-link library (.dll), or Automation server, using class definitions from a project.




Specifies the file name of the dynamic-link library to build. The default file name extension is .dll.

FROM ProjectName

Specifies the name of the project from which the dynamic-link library is built.

The project must contain a class designated as OLEPUBLIC or an error message is displayed. To designate a class as OLEPUBLIC in program code, include the OLEPUBLIC keyword in DEFINE CLASS. To designate a class as OLEPUBLIC in the Class Designer, choose Class Info from the Class Menu and select the OLE Public check box.


Specifies that the project be compiled before the dynamic-link library is built. All program and format files; form, label, report, and visual class library source code; and stored procedures in databases in the project are compiled.

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