Creates an executable (.exe) file from a Visual FoxPro project.


The .exe file operates with the Visual FoxPro dynamic-link (.dll) libraries, VFPVersionNumberR.dll and VFPVersionNumberRENU.dll, which you need to distribute with your application to provide a complete Visual FoxPro run-time environment for your application. VersionNumber represents the version number of Visual FoxPro that you use to create the .exe file. These files are located in the ..\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VFP directory.

For more information, see VFP9R.DLL Run-Time Library, VFP9T.DLL Run-Time Library, Preparation for Distributing Applications, and Managing Files in an International Application.




Specifies the name of the executable file to create. The default file name extension is .exe.


If an application (.app) file exists with the same root file name as the .exe file you create, the .app file is deleted.

FROM ProjectName

Specifies the name of the project from which the executable file is built.


Specifies that the project be compiled before the executable file is built. All program and format files; form, label, report, and visual class library source code; and stored procedures in databases in the project are compiled.

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