Displays the records in the active table.

When you are browsing a table in the Browse window, you can view records in two different modes, Browse and Edit. You can switch modes by choosing Browse or Edit from the View menu.


When you open a table using Open from the File menu, you have to choose Browse <table> from the View menu in order to see the table.

To select fields, click a cell or press TAB, ENTER, or the arrow keys. Move a column to a new position by clicking on the field name, dragging the column where you want it, and releasing the mouse button.

To enter a null value in a field that accepts null values, press CTRL+0. As long as a field that contains a null value remains active, nothing is displayed in it. After you activate a different field, the one containing the null value will display the string defined by the SET NULLDISPLAY command (for example, ".NULL.")

If you choose Append from the View menu, the Browse window adds a new, blank record. When you fill in the new record, the Browse window automatically adds another new record.


In some cases, if you browse a table or cursor generated by a crosstab query, the field names start with a character and a dash, indicating the data type of the field. For example, a numeric field starts with N-.

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