Generates XML to a file or memory variable.

XMLAdapter.ToXML( cXMLDocument [, cSchemaLocation [, lFile [, lIncludeBefore [, lChangesOnly ]]]] )



Specifies the file or memory variable name for the XML document.


Specifies the location for a reference to external schema. The default value of cSchemaLocation is empty (""). If cSchemaLocation is empty and external schema has been generated, the value of XMLAdapterXMLSchemaLocation is used as the external schema reference.


Specifies whether cXMLDocument is a file. The default value of lFile is False (.F.).


Specifies whether to include the diffgr:before section in the DiffGram. The diffgr:before section contains the original version of a row. The default value of lIncludeBefore is False (.F.).

If lIncludeBefore is True (.T.), Visual FoxPro filters deleted records, regardless of the current filter setting, such as SET FILTER TO NOT DELETED( ) and SET DELETED ON or OFF. All deleted records in the table buffer are inserted in the diffgr:before section but have no matching row in the DiffGram DataInstance block.

Although you might want to hide deleted rows by using a filter, the DiffGram indicates which rows were deleted so that the data source can be correctly updated.

Visual FoxPro disregards lIncludeBefore if the XMLAdapter IsDiffGram property is False (.F.).


Specifies whether the XML should contain changes only.

Visual FoxPro disregards lChangesOnly if the XMLAdapter IsDiffGram property is False (.F.) or if lIncludeBefore is False (.F.).

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