Specifies an image to display on a control or object. Available at design time and run time.


At design time, if you set the Picture property to a file that does not exist, Visual FoxPro displays the appropriate message, but the property remains set to the file specified. At run time, if the Picture property is set to a file that does not exist, Visual FoxPro disregards the Picture property.

Control.Picture [ = cFileName ]
Control.Picture(nIndex) [ = cFileName ]



Specifies the name of a graphics file.


Visual FoxPro supports all graphics file formats handled by Graphics Device Interface+ (GDI+). Visual FoxPro supports animated .gif files for the Picture property only on an Image control. For more information about valid graphics file formats, see Graphics Support in Visual FoxPro.


Specifies an integer corresponding to the order in which items are displayed in the control. For the first item in a control, nIndex = 1.

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