The Visual FoxPro Report System provides many ways to attach your code to the report rendering process. The following topics discuss how to use and take best advantage of the preview and output run-time hooks.

In This Section

Understanding Visual FoxPro Object-Assisted Reporting

Describes the object-assisted output architecture which enables you to extend run-time report processing.

Extending Report Preview Functionality

Describes the Visual FoxPro report preview architecture and how to replace the default preview implementation with your own.

Extending Report Output Functionality

Describes how the Visual FoxPro ReportListener class enables you to control the generation of various output types from report and label layouts.

Handling Errors During Report Runs

Describes the special features of the ReportListener class designed to help you trap and manage errors during reports, and considers the role of other Visual FoxPro commands and functions in error-handling during report runs.

Related Sections

Extending Reports at Design Time

Describes how the Visual FoxPro report builder architecture works, introduces the functionality of the default report builder application, how to customize it or replace it with your own application.