Displays the structure of a table file. The name of each field in the table is displayed with its type and width.

DISPLAY STRUCTURE [IN nWorkArea | cTableAlias]


IN nWorkArea | cTableAlias

Displays the structure of the table in a work area other than the current work areas. nWorkArea specifies the work area number and cTableAlias specifies the table alias.


Directs output from DISPLAY STRUCTURE to a printer.

You can include the optional PROMPT clause to display a dialog box before printing starts. In this dialog box, you can adjust printer settings, including the number of copies and page numbers to print. The printer settings that you can adjust depend on the currently installed printer driver. Place the PROMPT keyword immediately after TO PRINTER.

TO FILE FileName

Directs output from DISPLAY STRUCTURE to the file specified with FileName. If the file already exists and SET SAFETY is ON, you are asked if you want to overwrite the file.


Appends to the end of the named file. If you omit ADDITIVE, then the file is overwritten with the value of the expression.


Suppresses output to the main Visual FoxPro window or to the active user-defined window.

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