Displays fields for editing.

EDIT [FIELDS FieldList] [Scope] [FOR lExpression1] [WHILE lExpression2] 
   [FONT cFontName[, nFontSize [, nFontCharSet]]] [STYLE cFontStyle] [FREEZE FieldName] 
   [KEY eExpression1[, eExpression2]] [LAST | NOINIT] [LPARTITION]
   [PARTITION nColumnNumber [LEDIT] [REDIT]] 
   [PREFERENCE PreferenceName] [REST] [SAVE] [TIMEOUT nSeconds]
   [TITLE cTitleText] [VALID [:F] lExpression3 [ERROR cMessageText]]
   [WHEN lExpression4] [WIDTH nFieldWidth] [WINDOW WindowName1]
   [IN [WINDOW] WindowName2 | IN SCREEN [COLOR SCHEME nSchemeNumber]


FIELDS FieldList

Specifies the fields that appear in the Edit window. The fields are displayed in the order specified in FieldList. You can include fields from other related tables in the field list. When you include a field from a related table, preface the field name with its table alias and a period.

If you omit FIELDS, all fields in the table are displayed in the order they appear in the table structure.

The field list can specify any combination of fields or calculated fields, including fields from tables open in other work areas. The syntax of the field list is:

 CopyCode imageCopy Code
   [:V = lExpression1 [:F] [:E = cMessageText]]
   [:P = cFormatCodes] 
   [:B = eLowerBound, eUpperBound [:F]]
   [:H = cHeadingText]
   [:W = lExpression2]
   [, FieldName2 [:R]...]

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