Makes it possible for you to specify settings for the report page that are saved with the report, for example, to adjust column width and print area.


Depending on the setting of the _REPORTBUILDER system variable, this dialog may be replaced by an alternative user interface. For more information, see _REPORTBUILDER System Variable.

Page Layout Section

Provides a graphical representation of the page, which reflects your layout in the Report Designer and Label Designer and the settings you choose in the Report Page Setup dialog box.


Specifies options for columns on the page.


Specifies the number of columns to print across the page.


Specifies the width of the layout within a column.


Specifies the space between columns, when multiple columns have been specified.

Page Setup

Displays the Page Setup dialog box where you can select paper and printer settings. For more information, see Page Setup Dialog Box.

Print order

Determines whether to print records from top to bottom or left to right when the layout contains multiple columns.

Print Area

Specifies options for the print area on the page.

Printable page

Specifies that the layout uses the current printer's printable page dimensions. Printing begins immediately following the nonprintable margin area. Printing begins immediately following the nonprintable margin area.

Whole page

Specifies that the physical paper size attributes of the current printer determines the dimensions of the layout.


For printers that have a smaller printing area than the physical paper size, you will need to check your report layouts to ensure that the rendered output is not truncated by the printer.

Left margin

Specifies the width of the left margin. Increasing this value will correspondingly reduce the layout width.


Displays the measurement units for specifying column width, spacing, and the left margin.

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