Creates a Visual FoxPro project table (.pjx) file by opening, processing, and including one or more specified program, menu, report, label, form, or library files in the project. A Visual FoxPro project consists of a .pjx file and a project memo (.pjt) file. You can also use BUILD PROJECT to rebuild a project.

   [FROM ProgramName1 | MenuName1 | ReportName1 | LabelName1 | 
            FormName1 | LibraryName1 [, ProgramName2 | MenuName2 | 
            ReportName2 | LabelName2 | FormName2 | LibraryName2 ...]]



Specifies the name of the project file to create.


Compiles all files in the project.

If RECOMPILE is omitted, only the files that have been modified are compiled when the project is built.

[FROM ProgramName1| MenuName1| ReportName1| LabelName1| FormName1| LibraryName1]

Specifies the files to include in the project. You can specify one or more program, menu, report, label, form, or library files. By default, the first executable program or menu file in the FROM clause is the master program file.


To rebuild a project, omit the FROM clause. Visual FoxPro refreshes the files in the specified project.

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