Changes values stored in one record or in a range of records.


Displays the name of table fields from the current table. When you click the down arrow, the types and sizes of fields are displayed.


Specifies the expression that describes the replacement values. Type the expression or choose the dialog button to display the Expression Builder dialog box and create a replacement expression.

Replacement Criteria


Allows you to specify the records on which Visual FoxPro is to act. Next, All, Record or Rest from the drop-down list. Choose a number from the spinner on the right when you select Next or Record from the Scope drop-down list.


Displays the Expression Builder dialog box, where you create the logical expression that every record must meet to be affected by the command. Every record in the table is tested using the For expression.


Displays the Expression Builder dialog box. The While expression specifies that the action affects records only as long as the logical expression is true. The first time the expression evaluates to false, the action ceases without considering remaining records.


Replaces records using the Scope, For, and While values. Enabled only when you have a field name or expression in both the Field and With text boxes.

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