Creates a table-buffered cursor and populates it with changes, which come from the associated DiffGram.


ChangesToCursor is supported only for XMLTable objects in the XMLAdapter Tables collection. ChangesToCursor disregards XMLField objects when the XMLField Alias property is empty.

XMLTable.ChangesToCursor( [ cAlias [, lIncludeUnchangedData [, nCodePage ]]] )



Specifies the alias name for the cursor to be created. The value of cAlias defaults to the XMLTableAlias property, including when cAlias is an empty string ("").


Specifies whether to include unchanged data in the created cursor. The following table lists the values for lIncludeUnchangedData.

lIncludeUnchangedData Description

False (.F.)

(Default) Do not include unchanged data in the created cursor.

True (.T.)

Include unchanged data in the created cursor.


Integer greater than zero (0) specifying a code page. The default value is zero (0).

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