In Visual FoxPro, you can design, create, and manage databases so you can associate, organize, and work with tables and views as a group. Before you begin creating and working with databases, it is important to understand the design considerations regarding database creation.

In This Section

Databases in Visual FoxPro

Introduces databases in Visual FoxPro and provides information about their aspects.

Designing Databases

Describes design considerations for creating well-planned databases.

Creating Databases

Describes creating databases and working with tables associated with databases.

Managing Databases

Describes various tasks for managing databases.


Database Wizard

Makes it possible for you to create databases using a wizard.

Database Designer (Visual FoxPro)

Makes it possible for you to create databases starting with an empty database container or modify existing databases.

Project Manager Window

Makes it possible for you to organize files in an application project.

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Importing and Exporting Data

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Developing Visual FoxPro Applications

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