Permanently removes all records marked for deletion in the current table and reduces the size of the table memo (.fpt) file associated with the table.


You must first open the table exclusively before using the PACK command.

PACK [MEMO | DBF] [Tablename ] [IN nWorkarea | cTableAlias]



Removes unused space from the memo file but does not remove records marked for deletion from the table. Information in memo fields is stored in an associated table memo (.fpt) file, which as the same file name as the table.


Removes records marked for deletion from the table but doesn't affect the memo file.


Specifies the table to pack. Visual FoxPro opens the specified table, then packs, and closes it.

IN nWorkArea | cTableAlias

Specifies the work area or table alias affected by the PACK command. Use this clause to specify a work area or a table outside the current work area.

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