Creates compound index tags from single-entry .idx index files.

COPY INDEXES IndexFileList | ALL   [TO CDXFileName] 



Specifies the single-entry .idx index files whose index expressions are used to create the tags. Separate the index file names with commas. The name assigned to each tag is the root name of the corresponding single-entry index file. If you create a tag from an index file that has the same name as an existing tag, a dialog is displayed (if SAFETY is ON) asking if you would like to overwrite the tag.


Specifies to create index tags from all open single-entry index files.

TO CDXFileName

Creates tags in a non-structural compound index file. Specify the name of the non-structural compound index file with CDXFileName. If a non-structural compound index file with the specified name doesn't exist, Visual FoxPro automatically creates it.

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