Visual FoxPro contains the following enhancements to classes, forms, controls and object-oriented related syntax.

Expand imageAnchoring Visual Controls

Expand imageDocking Forms

Expand imageCheckBox and OptionButton Controls Support Wordwrapping

Expand imageCommandButton Controls Can Align Text with Pictures

Expand imageCommandButton, OptionButton, and CheckBox Controls Can Hide Captions

Expand imagePictureMargin and PictureSpacing Properties Control Spacing and Margins on CommandButton, OptionButton, and CheckBox Controls

Expand imageCollection Objects Support in ComboBox and ListBox Controls

Expand imageSetting Ascending or Descending Indexes on Cursors in the DataEnvironment

Expand imageGrid Supports Rushmore Optimization

Expand imageMouse Pointer Control for Grid Columns and Column Headers

Expand imageRotating Label, Line, and Shape Controls

Expand imageLabel Controls Can Display Themed Background

Expand imageListBox Controls Can Hide Scroll Bars

Expand imageToolbar Controls Can Display Horizontal Separator Objects

Expand imageToolbar Controls Can Hide Separator Objects

Expand imageCreating More Complex Shapes

Expand imageComboBox Controls Can Hide Drop-Down Lists

Expand imageNEWOBJECT( ) Creates Objects without Raising Initialization Code

Expand imageSpecify Where Focus is Assigned in the Valid Event

Expand imageTextBox Controls Have Auto-Completion Functionality

Expand imageNew InputMask and Format Property Settings

Expand imageUse PictureVal Property to Pass Images as Strings

Expand imageCLEAR CLASSLIB Updated

Expand imageScreen Resolution Limit Increased

Expand imageProjectHook Source Code Control Events

Expand imageAddProperty Method Supports Design Time Settings

Expand imageWriteMethod Method Supports Design Time Settings

Expand imageSee Also