To provide a more integrated development environment for your projects and applications, Visual FoxPro contains the following improved functionality for the IDE.

Expand imageAdditional Project Manager Shortcut Menu Commands

Expand imageModifying a Class Library from the Project Manager

Expand imageSet Font of Project Manager

Expand imageGenerating Message Logs During Project Build and Compile

Expand imageProperties Window Enhancements

Expand imageMemberData Extensibility

Expand imageSetting Default Values for New Properties

Expand imageDocument View Sort Options

Expand imageCompiling Code in the Background

Expand imageRich Text Format (RTF) Clipboard Support

Expand imageFind Dialog Box Improvements

Expand imageView Constants in Trace Window

Expand imagePrinting Selected Text in Editor Windows

Expand imageSystem Font Improvements

Expand imageIntelliSense Saves Settings Between User Sessions

Expand imageIntelliSense in Memo Field Editor Window

Expand imageIntelliSense Available for Runtime Applications

Expand imageIntelliSense Support in WITH ... ENDWITH and FOR EACH ... ENDFOR Commands

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