Returns a logical value that indicates whether an index tag was created with the DESCENDING keyword or whether the DESCENDING keyword was included in USE, SET INDEX, or SET ORDER.

DESCENDING([CDXFileName[, nIndexNumber [, nWorkArea | cTableAlias]]])



Specifies the name of a compound index file with CDXFileName. The compound index file you specify can be the structural compound index file automatically opened with the table or an independent compound index file.


Specifies which index tag or index file DESCENDING( ) tests. nIndexNumber is typically an integer that starts at 1 and is increased by 1 to return additional values for each index tag.

If nIndexNumber is 1, a value for the master single-entry .idx index file or master index tag (if one is present) is returned.

As nIndexNumber increases, values for each tag in the structural compound index (if one is present) are returned. The values are returned for the tags in the order in which the tags were created in the structural compound index.

After values for all the tags in the structural compound index are returned, values for each tag in any open independent compound indexes are then returned. The values are returned from the tags in the order in which the tags are created in the independent compound indexes.

The empty string is returned if nIndexNumber is greater than the total number of open, single-entry .idx files and structural compound and independent compound index tags.

nWorkArea| cTableAlias

Returns values for index files or tags open in a work area other than the current work area. nWorkArea specifies the work area number and cTableAlias specifies the table alias.

If no table has the alias you specify, Visual FoxPro generates an error message.

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