You can create and modifying labels using the Label Designer. The Label Designer is the same as the Report Designer and uses the same menus and toolbars. The main difference is that the Label Designer automatically defines the page layout and its columns based on the label size you select. For information about opening the Label Designer, see How to: Create Labels.

The Label Designer uses bands and controls to manage the layout of data on a label page.


Bands make it possible for you to specify where and when data displays on the label page. The Label Designer contains three bands by default:

  • Page Header   Displays information or data that displays once per page at the beginning of the page.

  • Detail   Displays information or data that displays once per record in the underlying table.

  • Page Footer   Displays information or data that displays once per page at the end of a page.

Each band is followed by a separator, which contains the name of the band and an upward-pointing arrow indicating the space that the band occupies. Detail bands are indicated by filled arrows, while all other bands are indicated by empty arrows.

You can add other bands to your layout. For more information, see Working with Report Bands.


The Label Designer displays a vertical and horizontal ruler that you can use to position objects more precisely in bands. The scale for the ruler is determined by your system measurement settings.

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