Visual FoxPro contains the following additions and improvements to its data features:

Expand imageExtended SQL Capabilities

Expand imageNew Data Types

Expand imageBinary Index Tag Based on Logical Expressions

Expand imageConverting Data Types with the CAST( ) Function

Expand imageGet Cursor and Count Records Affected by SQL Pass-Thru Execution

Expand imageRoll-Back Functionality Supported when a SQL Pass-Through Connection Disconnects

Expand imageSQLIDLEDISCONNECT( ) Temporarily Disconnects SQL Pass-Through Connections

Expand imageRetrieving Active SQL Connection Statement Handles

Expand imageObtain the ADO Bookmark for the Current Record in an ADO-Based Cursor

Expand imageObtain the Number of Fetched Records

Expand imageDetermine if a Fetch is Complete

Expand imageISMEMOFETCHED( ) Determines Whether a Memo is Fetched

Expand imageCancel ADO Fetch

Expand imageLong Type Name Support

Expand imageTransaction Support for Free Tables and Cursors

Expand imageSpecify a Code Page When Using the CREATE TABLE or CREATE CURSOR Commands

Expand imageConvert Character and Memo Data Types Using the ALTER TABLE Command

Expand imageBLANK Command Can Initialize Records to Default Value

Expand imageFLUSH Command Writes Data Explicitly to Disk

Expand imagePopulate an Array with Aliases Used by a Specified Table

Expand imageObtain Last Auto-Increment Value with GETAUTOINCVALUE( )

Expand imageSET TABLEPROMPT Controls Prompt to Select Table

Expand imageUse SET VARCHARMAPPING to Control Query Result Set Mappings

Expand imageSET TABLEVALIDATE Expanded

Expand imageSET REFRESH Can Specify Faster Refresh Rates

Expand imageSET REFRESH Can Differentiate Values for Each Cursor

Expand imageSET( ) Determines SET REPROCESS Command Settings

Expand imageLog Output from SYS(3054) Using SYS(3092)

Expand imagePurge Cached Memory for Specific Work Area Using SYS(1104)

Expand imageNew Table Types for SYS(2029)

Expand imageMap Remote Unicode Data to ANSI Using SYS(987)

Expand imageMemo and Field tips in a BROWSE or Grid

Expand imageSpecify Code Pages

Expand imageMapVarchar Property Maps to Varchar, Varbinary, and Blob Data Types

Expand imageHandling Conflict Checks with Properties for CursorAdapter Class

Expand imageImproved DataEnvironment Handling with UseCursorSchema and NoData Properties

Expand imageTimestamp Field Support

Expand imageAuto-Refresh Support

Expand imageOn Demand Record Refresh

Expand imageDelayed Memo Fetch

Expand imageUseTransactions Property

Expand imageDEFAULT and CHECK Constraints Respected

Expand imageRemote Data Type Conversion for Logical Data

Expand imageADOCodePage Property

Expand imageRead and Write Nested XML Documents

Expand imageLoadXML Method Can Accept Any XML Document

Expand imageXPath Expressions Can Access Complex XML Documents

Expand imageCursor to XML Functions

Expand imageEXECSCRIPT Supported in the Visual FoxPro OLE DB Provider

Expand imageReturning a Rowset from a Cursor in the Visual FoxPro OLE DB Provider

Expand imageSee Also