In the current release of Visual FoxPro, you will find enhanced functionality via new and enhanced commands and functions. Expand and collapse this topic to see information about miscellaneous language additions and improvements.

Expand imageClass Enhancements

Expand imageData and XML Enhancements

Expand imageIDE Enhancements

Expand imagePrinting and Reporting Enhancements

Expand imageSpecifying Arrays with More Than 65K Elements

Expand imageSTACKSIZE Setting Increases Nesting Levels to 64k

Expand imageProgram and Procedure File Size Is Unrestricted

Expand imagePROGCACHE Configuration File Setting

Expand imageICASE( ) Function

Expand imageTTOC( ) Converts DateTime Expressions to XML DateTime Format

Expand imageSET COVERAGE Command Available at Run Time

Expand imageCLEAR ERROR Command

Expand imageWrite Options Dialog Settings to Registry Using SYS(3056)

Expand imageFOR EACH ... ENDFOR Command Preserves Object Types

Expand imageSET PATH Command Enhancements

Expand imageTrim Functions Control Which Characters Are Trimmed

Expand imageALINES( ) Offers More Flexible Parsing Options

Expand imageImprovements in TEXT…ENDTEXT Statement

Expand imageInclude Delimiters in STREXTRACT( ) Results

Expand imageSTRCONV( ) Enhanced to Allow for Code Page and FontCharSet

Expand imageTYPE( ) Determines if an Expression is an Array

Expand imageBINTOC( ) and CTOBIN( ) Have Additional Conversion Capabilities

Expand imageMROW( ) and MCOL( ) Can Detect the Position of the Mouse Pointer

Expand imageINPUTBOX( ) Returns A Cancel Operation

Expand imageAGETCLASS( ) Supported for Runtime Applications

Expand imageSYS(2019) Extends Handling of Configuration Files

Expand imageSYS(2910) Controls List Display Count

Expand imageSYS(3008) Turns Off Hyperlink Tip

Expand imageSYS(3065) Internal Program Cache

Expand imageSYS(3101) COM Code Page Translation

Expand imageBidirectional Support for Tooltips and Popups

Expand imageEnhanced Font Script Support

Expand imageToolTip Timeout Control

Expand imageTablet PC Features

Expand imageWindows Message Event Handling

Expand imageSee Also