After collecting and organizing data in your application, you can design, create, and add reports to your application project. To create a report, follow these general steps:

  1. Determine the type of report you want to create.

  2. Create the report page layout.

  3. Modify and customize the page layout file.

  4. Include and manage data for your report.

  5. Set output options for your report.

  6. Run the report.

In This Section

Reports in Visual FoxPro

Introduces reports and labels in Visual FoxPro.

Considerations for Creating Reports

Offers some best practices when creating reports and labels.

Working with Data in Reports

Describes how to provide and manage data for reports and labels.

How to: Create Reports (Visual FoxPro)

Explains how to create reports.

How to: Create Labels

Explains how to create labels.

How to: Open Reports and Labels

Explains how to open existing reports and labels.

Report Layout and Design

Describes aspects of setting up and organizing page layouts for reports and labels.

Running Reports

Describes how to generate output from reports and labels.

Distributing Reports with Applications

Discusses considerations for distributing reports in your application.

Extending Report Functionality in Visual FoxPro

Discusses ways you can leverage Visual FoxPro reporting extensibility features.


Report Wizard

Makes it possible for you to create reports quickly using a single free table or database table or view.

One-To-Many Report Wizard

Makes it possible for you to create a report quickly using tables with a parent-child relationship.

Label Wizard

Makes it possible for you to create labels quickly.

Report Designer

Describes the user interface of the Report Designer.

Label Designer

Describes the user interface of the Label Designer.

Language Reference (Visual FoxPro)

Provides a list of language reference topics in alphabetical order.

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Working with Projects

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Application Planning

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